Laura Fjeld (pronounced “Fyeld”) is running for Congress to be a fresh and independent voice who fights for North Carolinians and gets results. Laura is a strong advocate who has represented North Carolinians and businesses across the state, working to create jobs and strengthen North Carolina’s public education system. 

Laura Fjeld

Mark Walker wants to ban birth control

In last night’s debate, Mark Walker struggled to explain his focus on making common forms of birth control illegal, such as the pill and IUD.  Eliminating birth control hurts women, men, and families.   In addition, despite trying to hide his extreme view from the voters, Walker did not retreat from his position eliminating a woman’s right to choose even in cases of rape, incest, or when her own life is in danger.

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Laura Fjeld wins first debate

Democratic Congressional candidate Laura Fjeld decisively won the first debate as she demonstrated her ability to break through the gridlock to reach bipartisan solutions for the people of North Carolina.  She held Mark Walker to account for his extreme views on a range of different issues.  Highlights of the debate were:

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