Laura Fjeld (pronounced “Fyeld”) is running for Congress to be a fresh and independent voice who fights for North Carolinians and gets results. Laura is a strong advocate who has represented North Carolinians and businesses across the state, working to create jobs and strengthen North Carolina’s public education system. 

Laura Fjeld

Fjeld Supports Paycheck Fairness Act

Today is Equal Pay Day our annual reminder of how much longer women must work to earn the same pay as men, for the same amount of work.  Too many extremist politicians in Washington have opposed legislation to fix this inequity, and help tens of thousands of North Carolina women.  Women working full time earn only 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes for the same work. Read More +

Fjeld Blasts Ryan Budget

Democratic Congressional candidate Laura Fjeld blasted the latest Ryan Budget that would place the burden of deficit reduction squarely on the backs of our seniors.  The budget plan would end Medicare as we know it, slash funding for education, and hurt our economy.  By turning Medicare into a voucher program, this radical budget would alter the contract we have made with our seniors.  The  more than 1.3 million Medicare recipients in North Carolina deserve better.  Read More +