Laura Fjeld (pronounced "Fyeld") is running as a Democrat for Congress to be a fresh and independent voice who fights for North Carolinians and gets results. Laura is a strong advocate who has represented North Carolinians and businesses across the state, working to create jobs and strengthen North Carolina’s public education system. She is also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, and she understands the issues facing North Carolinians.

Laura will bring her optimistic, common sense, practical approach to policy development and solving the problems affecting the citizens of North Carolina and the country. She believes that the privilege of holding elective office brings with it a responsibility to work hard for the people of your district. This means listening to your constituents,  engaging in civil debate, and solving the important issues facing American families and businesses.  Laura is not a career politician and believes that a public servant should do the right thing, not the politically expedient thing.

Laura has over thirty years of experience working in business and education. Laura served for the last five years as Vice President and General Counsel for the seventeen campus University of North Carolina system, where she worked well with Democrats and Republicans to protect the quality of our state’s public colleges for all North Carolina citizens. Prior to that, Laura represented small and large North Carolina businesses with two of the state’s most prominent law firms.

While working and raising her family, Laura has been a consistent advocate for children and education, volunteering for a number of non-profit organizations, including North Central Legal Assistance Program, Special Olympics North Carolina, The Global Fund for Children, and the North Carolina Center for International Understanding, a program of the University of North Carolina. She has also held leadership positions in her profession.

Laura grew up in a small town, the eldest of four, and learned early on the importance of family and community. Her parents, both public school teachers, instilled in her the value of hard work, education, and public service. Her parents were committed to providing a good life for Laura and her siblings, but it wasn’t easy. Like so many North Carolinians, Laura worked her way through high school and college, because she knew hard work and a quality education would lead to a world of opportunities. 

Laura lives in northern Orange County with her husband Jon Fjeld, a businessman, teacher, and entrepreneur who currently serves as the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. They have five children.